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Why DevOps is being prescribed in the healthcare and pharma sectors

09 August 2017, Richard Yates

DevOps is where the software development process (“Dev”) and underlying IT operations (“Ops”) join up to ensure the...

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Topics: Software Development, healthcare, Pharmaceutical

What happens when big pharma and big data collide?

28 October 2016, Ian Guerit

Few drug discoveries - if any - happen by chance anymore. Gone are the days when an Alexander Fleming could ‘accidentally’...

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Topics: healthcare

Creating the ultimate Electronic Patient Record system

16 September 2016, Iouri Prokhorov

Maintaining accurate medical records, and enabling you and your healthcare professionals to access them easily and quickly, makes...

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Topics: Software Development, healthcare

Why Hackers Love Healthcare (and how to protect against them)

20 June 2016, Jonathan Hazan

Compared to banks or retailers, hospitals and healthcare trusts have always found themselves largely immune to the avarice of...

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Topics: healthcare

Digital Healthcare in the Age of the Hyperconnected Patient

06 June 2016, Ian Guerit

I don’t know how accurate futurologists are nowadays (presumably nobody will for at least 30 years) but when it came to...

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Topics: healthcare


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