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How event-driven business process management enables you to target, design and deliver change programmes that lead to measurable business improvements

31 October 2018, Niall Thomas

As a COO or Head of Operations, you’ll constantly be looking to identify, design and then deliver tactical and strategic...

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Topics: digital transformation, Business Process, Success

Believe it or not, good software is supposed to be expensive

15 March 2018, Mariela Popova

I’m walking on thin ice with this blog. You see, software development consultancies can be easily misunderstood for charging a...

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Topics: digital transformation, Business Process, Outsourcing, Software Development

Virtual Reality in healthcare, Sci-Fi or certainty?

21 October 2016, Christina Lynch

Virtual reality (VR) suffered a false start about 20 years ago, when the graphics weren’t realistic enough and nobody knew...

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Topics: digital transformation, virtual reality, Mental health services

How Mental Health Services Benefit from Digital

07 October 2016, Alanna Henry

Mental health services have been called “the poor cousin” of physical health services in the UK, suffering decades of lower...

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Topics: digital transformation, Mental health services

Are You Ready for Digital Transformation?  Take the Quiz

30 May 2016, Christina Lynch

Whether digital transformation is a totally alien concept or your single most important business objective, we’ve collated...

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Topics: digital transformation


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