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How event-driven business process management enables you to target, design and deliver change programmes that lead to measurable business improvements

31 October 2018, Niall Thomas

As a COO or Head of Operations, you’ll constantly be looking to identify, design and then deliver tactical and strategic...

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Topics: digital transformation, Business Process, Success

How business dexterity can unlock market-leading customer experiences

05 September 2018, Iouri Prokhorov

When you distil things down, most companies’ products and services do ostensibly the same thing as their competitors’. All...

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Overcoming the CIO’s dilemma: data protection or business agility?

16 July 2018, Ian Guerit

If you’re a CIO, one of your biggest challenges will be balancing the need to control and secure your business’s data with the...

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Topics: Business Process, IT Manager, Compliance, Information Governance, data security, data management, Agile, Security

Why GDPR compliance can make your business more agile

18 May 2018, Ian Guerit

With GDPR now into force, businesses across Europe are making changes to their web forms, terms and conditions, email footers...

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Topics: Compliance, Information Governance, data security, data management, Security

Protect your customers, profits and reputation with an IT security healthcheck – starting with these five steps

25 April 2018, Sam Dineley

The always-on, always-connected systems that underpin modern businesses bring enormous benefits in terms of flexibility and...

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Topics: Security

Believe it or not, good software is supposed to be expensive

15 March 2018, Mariela Popova

I’m walking on thin ice with this blog. You see, software development consultancies can be easily misunderstood for charging a...

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Topics: digital transformation, Business Process, Outsourcing, Software Development

4 neverfail ways to capture what’s inside your client’s head

15 November 2017, Iouri Prokhorov

Everyone has clients. In our world, clients are the people who want software to generate significant business value. Even make...

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Topics: Expectations, Scoping, Bespoke Software

Staying sane and efficient during the software scoping process

30 October 2017, Iouri Prokhorov

Scoping a software project can be real heavy-lifting for the mind. Migraine territory if you’re not careful.

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Topics: Software Development, Scoping

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and all that jazz made into clear business sense

16 August 2017, Ian Guerit

Rather than fill your brains with technical nonsense, we like to think of the Helastel blog as a sanctuary for business-minded...

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Topics: tech blog, Internet of Things

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