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Working at Helastel: we're social

Jonathan Hazan

Yup, we get along very well here so we’re friends as well as colleagues. We’re a team of 20, a good mixture of people and personalities, all with different skills, attributes and backgrounds. We’re mostly not very long in the tooth. We do yoga classes, relish Bristol events like the Food Fair, take part in charity sporting events and compete in very geeky pub quizzes. 

We’ve hosted LAN parties in the office (that’s quite an eye opener if you aren’t a software engineer) and we have links to Bristol University. We celebrate birthdays and Christmas and we hang in Google or in real life. We eat cake by the shed load. There’s a lot going on in Bristol so we go out together, too. It might be just a drink or it might be a networking event. It’s not obligatory, of course. All in all we have a good time, a great laugh and we like and respect each other and our clients. Why not?

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Topics: Life at Helastel

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