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Overcoming the CIO’s dilemma: data protection or business agility?

16 July 2018, Ian Guerit

If you’re a CIO, one of your biggest challenges will be balancing the need to control and secure your business’s data with the...

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Topics: Agile, Security, data management, Compliance, Information Governance, IT Manager, data security, Business Process

Why GDPR compliance can make your business more agile

18 May 2018, Ian Guerit

With GDPR now into force, businesses across Europe are making changes to their web forms, terms and conditions, email footers...

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Topics: Compliance, Information Governance, Security, data management, data security

Protect your customers, profits and reputation with an IT security healthcheck – starting with these five steps

25 April 2018, Sam Dineley

The always-on, always-connected systems that underpin modern businesses bring enormous benefits in terms of flexibility and...

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Topics: Security

Five things that make CyberEssentials essential

09 December 2016, Ian Guerit

CyberEssentials is one of the most important information security standards there is. It was launched by the UK government two...

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Topics: Security, Accreditation


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