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Software startup: 4 ways to know your customer and sell more

24 February 2016, Greg Caldock

Before you launch your startup you’ll need to master who the users and the customers of your product. Think smart and follow...

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Topics: Startups

Create the best customer experience during software or web development

07 December 2015, Mike Wilson

What is the one risk that could make good code, slick project management and a tight budget completely useless and/ or...

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Topics: Video

How to Monetise Your Website and Improve User Experience

30 November 2015, Iouri Prokhorov

It's easy to build a website and it's important to make the user experience a good one, but the real question is how to...

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Topics: Video

6 Ways to Save Time and Money in the Software Development Process

19 November 2015, Roopal Oswal

If you need a bespoke software project to give your business the process optimisation or revenue-generating machine it needs,...

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5 Questions To Ask About The Software Development Process

11 November 2015, Jonathan Hazan

Software is going to be a big part of your business in the future.  If it already is, you can target far greater returns....

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Challenging What You Think You Know About Bespoke Software

03 November 2015, Alanna Henry

No one gets very far in their software deliberations before confronting the choice between an ‘off-the-shelf’ product, or a...

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Is Bespoke Software or Off The Shelf Better for Your Business?

27 October 2015, Christina Lynch

With the overwhelming number of choices now available, businesses often find it difficult to make the choice between using ...

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How to manage your first web development project

18 October 2015, Jonathan Hazan

Diving into managing your first web development project can be a pretty daunting task. 

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Topics: Video

Bespoke Software or Off the Shelf – Which is Best for Business?

13 October 2015, Roopal Oswal

As a bespoke software development company, you’d expect us to champion the top benefits or choosing this approach instead of...

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