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A blog about business, technology and people.

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Building Your First Web Application - Part 2

28 March 2016, Emmanuel Okorie


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Topics: Web Development, data security

How technology can improve your business plan

28 March 2016, Iouri Prokhorov

Information and communications technology is becoming the dominant driving force in society and business.

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Building your first web application - Part 1

25 March 2016, Emmanuel Okorie

This is the first in a series of tutorials that will take you through the building of your first web application.

If you have...

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Topics: Startups, tech blog, Web Development, Software Development

The easy way to test your startup idea before launching

23 March 2016, Christina Lynch

Once you know who your customers and users are going to be, you can start to get to know them better. Ok, we don’t literally...

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Topics: Startups

A Journey Through Date and Time

23 March 2016, Jonathan Hazan


Almost every web project with a user interface will require the ability to enter DateTime information. In my eyes, the...

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An Investigation into Bugs

22 March 2016, Roopal Oswal


A software bug is an error, flaw, failure or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or...

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5 reasons why PHP Storm is my go-to IDE

21 March 2016, Christina Lynch


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How to make more money from your website

21 March 2016, Jonathan Hazan

It isn’t just retailers that make money from their websites. Every web asset has a value, and here are six ways of increasing...

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Topics: Startups

How to use software to get ahead of your competitors

15 March 2016, Alanna Henry

There are two principal ways for organisations to be competitive.

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