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IT Outsourcing returns... The scariest sequel that tests our limits?

11 July 2016, Ian Guerit

Outsourcing has some negative, some might say sinister, undertones.

The bad PR around IT outsourcing stems from the idea of...

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Topics: Management, Outsourcing

5 Steps every software startup must take

30 June 2016, Christina Lynch

Business plans, target markets, commercial models...Funding opportunities, software development processes...

No wonder we can...

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Topics: Startups

Why Hackers Love Healthcare (and how to protect against them)

20 June 2016, Jonathan Hazan

Compared to banks or retailers, hospitals and healthcare trusts have always found themselves largely immune to the avarice of...

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Topics: healthcare

Four new opportunities to make SAP better for your business

13 June 2016, Christina Lynch

The bigger the software, the greater the need for a coherent plan to make it do the things you need it to. Well, SAP is so...

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Topics: SAP

Digital Healthcare in the Age of the Hyperconnected Patient

06 June 2016, Ian Guerit

I don’t know how accurate futurologists are nowadays (presumably nobody will for at least 30 years) but when it came to...

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Topics: healthcare

Are You Ready for Digital Transformation?  Take the Quiz

30 May 2016, Christina Lynch

Whether digital transformation is a totally alien concept or your single most important business objective, we’ve collated...

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Topics: digital transformation

A day in the life of a Software Engineer

23 May 2016, Mike Wilson

I should start by giving a little introduction of myself. I’ve been developing code since the age of 14, and I have 7 years of...

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Topics: Life at Helastel

Are these IT budgeting mistakes losing you money?

16 May 2016, Iouri Prokhorov

Like it or not, you’re spending money every year on technology for your business.  And because technology evolves rapidly,...

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3 quick ways to troubleshoot your business processes

09 May 2016, Iouri Prokhorov

Hands up who wants to be a business process troubleshooter?  No, me neither.  What about finding out how to tap into a secret...

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