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How Mental Health Services Benefit from Digital

07 October 2016, Alanna Henry

Mental health services have been called “the poor cousin” of physical health services in the UK, suffering decades of lower...

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Topics: digital transformation, Mental health services

How Data Scientists deliver better value

30 September 2016, Iouri Prokhorov

Data science lifts the value of business data to new heights, creating extra opportunities for organisations of all kinds to...

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Topics: Data Science

How 'User Power' defines the future of ERP

23 September 2016, Ian Guerit

When did users gain so much power?

Until comparatively recently, corporate organisations and independent technology providers...

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Topics: ERP

Creating the ultimate Electronic Patient Record system

16 September 2016, Iouri Prokhorov

Maintaining accurate medical records, and enabling you and your healthcare professionals to access them easily and quickly, makes...

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Topics: Software Development, healthcare

Top tips for hiring the best software developers

09 September 2016, Christina Lynch

Today’s digital, knowledge-based economy is not driven only by technology. Recruiting and retaining great people has never...

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Topics: Human Resources, Culture fit, Hiring new staff

The challenges of NHS Information Governance compliance

02 September 2016, Ian Guerit

Without IG compliance, software development companies can’t really operate in the UK healthcare sector.

Helastel’s relationship...

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Topics: Compliance, Information Governance, NHS, data security

Three ways to revamp the IT/business relationship

26 August 2016, Ian Guerit

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is one of the bestselling non-fiction books of all time.

Some might say it could have...

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Topics: IT Manager, Perceptions, Business Relationships, Expectations

The three habits of highly successful IT managers

12 August 2016, Christina Lynch

Say you’re casting parts in an episode of Casualty, where the big plotline is a hostage situation in an office IT department.


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Topics: IT Manager, Success

Big data analytics has one golden rule

29 July 2016, Jonathan Hazan

You know that Big Data must be near the zenith of its hype cycle when people refer to it as ‘the new gold’.

Though a touch...

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Topics: Data analytics

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