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The amazing drug delivery technologies set to transform the pharmaceutical industry

25 November 2016, Jonathan Hazan

Taking your medicine in the right dose, when you’re supposed to, is essential to achieving satisfactory healthcare outcomes....

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Topics: Devices, Pharmaceutical, Internet of Things

How new changes to PCI compliance affect you

18 November 2016, Jonathan Hazan

A lot has changed since Visa, Mastercard and a few other major international payment card players identified the need for a...

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Topics: Compliance

Scoping software projects the Agile way

11 November 2016, Richard Yates

It’s good to keep an open mind about software development methodologies.

However, there is clear evidence that an Agile...

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Topics: Project Management

How to develop custom software to address your company's needs

04 November 2016, Mike Wilson

Readymade, packaged applications have their place in business IT, but sometimes only custom-built software can maximise the...

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Topics: Software Development

What happens when big pharma and big data collide?

28 October 2016, Ian Guerit

Few drug discoveries - if any - happen by chance anymore. Gone are the days when an Alexander Fleming could ‘accidentally’...

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Topics: healthcare

Virtual Reality in healthcare, Sci-Fi or certainty?

21 October 2016, Christina Lynch

Virtual reality (VR) suffered a false start about 20 years ago, when the graphics weren’t realistic enough and nobody knew...

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Topics: digital transformation, virtual reality, Mental health services

5 Ways to Bring Order to Data Chaos

14 October 2016, Ian Guerit

Businesses have access to more data than ever before, as well as the data science to translate that into focused business...

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Topics: data management

How Mental Health Services Benefit from Digital

07 October 2016, Alanna Henry

Mental health services have been called “the poor cousin” of physical health services in the UK, suffering decades of lower...

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Topics: digital transformation, Mental health services

How Data Scientists deliver better value

30 September 2016, Iouri Prokhorov

Data science lifts the value of business data to new heights, creating extra opportunities for organisations of all kinds to...

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Topics: Data Science

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