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How to measure your true website conversion rate

03 November 2014, Iouri Prokhorov

Most people are familiar with the concept of a sales funnel: if one gets 100,000 visitors to the website, 1% of them will enquire...

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Produce the right kind of movie content to promote your company

27 October 2014, Christina Lynch

The more human your website is, the more it represents you - when users see an authentic and human face of your company they get...

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Business, the art of social experience

20 October 2014, Iouri Prokhorov


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IT MegaMeet: Plundering Programming Paradigms for Profit

13 October 2014, Alanna Henry

I'm sure most software developers working today would agree that the range of technologies and programming languages available is...

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Salesforce London

06 October 2014, Iouri Prokhorov

Arrive alive

Arriving at London after a 4-40am start we made our way through the ExCeL building that had been taken over by...

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