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Working at Helastel: Greg

23 March 2015, Greg Caldock

When I’m working on software support I take care of requests from clients to improve their software or resolve any issues that...

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Topics: Life at Helastel

Working at Helastel: Jon

16 March 2015, Jonathan Hazan

I am a software engineer and I also have a role in planning workflow and scheduling. I am often managing client expectations -...

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Topics: Life at Helastel

Is my server at risk from Poodle, Shellshock or Heartbleed?

13 March 2015, Iouri Prokhorov

In the last three months Heartbleed, Shellshock and Poodle have been coming up in context of security with big warnings around...

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What Makes a Great Software Engineer? Helastel lecture at the University of Bristol.

02 March 2015, Iouri Prokhorov

I was invited recently to return to the University of Bristol Computer Science Department as a guest lecturer. As I was...

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The myth of the everlasting website

23 February 2015, Mike Wilson


There is a common myth that, once built, a website should continue working without further...

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Letting the details take care of themselves

09 February 2015, Roopal Oswal

I was interviewing a candidate for a role at Helastel this week and as I heard her speak about her previous experiences as an...

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The free peak-performance tool that Google is excited about

02 February 2015, Iouri Prokhorov

My mind is constantly wrestling with ideas about peak performance and what separates businesses from one another; what gives peak...

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Going for gold - business success

26 January 2015, Christina Lynch

As the Olympics have come to an end, the buzz of success, accomplishment and dedication has never been higher in my mind. Many...

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Want that rewarding feeling?

19 January 2015, Jonathan Hazan

Most of us began 2013 with a New Year’s Resolution: to get healthier, travel the world, or to be more financially aware. One of...

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