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A blog about business, technology and people.

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Software risk management: choose the right partner

15 June 2015, Mike Wilson

In the previous article we looked at the first key factors in choosing a software engineer firm – people and their values. In...

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Software company values: choose the right partner

08 June 2015, Alanna Henry

So you want a piece of software for your business. You want a custom piece of software. If you already know this, you’ve come a...

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In-House vs Outsourced Developers: 7 questions to Ask Before you Decide

01 June 2015, Jonathan Hazan

Should I hire a developer in-house or keep outsourcing my web and software development?

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When your software project fails - a five step rescue plan

11 May 2015, Iouri Prokhorov

What do you do when your software company let you down or a conflict arises that puts your business at risk? We talk you through...

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The Education Show with Penstripe at the NEC

04 May 2015, Mike Wilson

Penstripe are the UK’s leading supplier of personalised student and teacher planners, reading records and primary pupil planners....

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​Before you invest in business software

27 April 2015, Alanna Henry

We’ve got to know a lot of businesses in the past ten years, and we’ve been through the growing pains and difficult mistakes...

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Mapmyhealth wins award for innovative diabetes management tool

24 April 2015, Roopal Oswal

Today we’d like to shout about one of our clients, the Mapmyhealth team and specifically their Mapmydiabetes product. It's been...

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Topics: Life at Helastel

Fast tech: the ups and downs of responsible growth

20 April 2015, Greg Caldock

As a small technology company in the UK, it makes sense that we have experienced high levels of growth at Helastel over the past...

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Working at Helastel: we're social

17 April 2015, Jonathan Hazan

Yup, we get along very well here so we’re friends as well as colleagues. We’re a team of 20, a good mixture of people and...

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Topics: Life at Helastel

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