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A blog about business, technology and people.

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SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and all that jazz made into clear business sense

16 August 2017, Ian Guerit

Rather than fill your brains with technical nonsense, we like to think of the Helastel blog as a sanctuary for business-minded...

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Topics: tech blog, Internet of Things

Why DevOps is being prescribed in the healthcare and pharma sectors

09 August 2017, Richard Yates

DevOps is where the software development process (“Dev”) and underlying IT operations (“Ops”) join up to ensure the...

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Topics: Software Development, healthcare, Pharmaceutical

How coding became cool

02 August 2017, Ian Guerit

The software profession is becoming increasingly popular and respected in line with technology’s growing importance to...

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Topics: IT Manager, Software Development

How your business could profit from AI in the future

26 June 2017, Cosmin Bosneaga

Doing clever things with computers has been a business imperative since the post-war years of the first commercial mainframes....

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What Blockchain could mean for your business

12 June 2017, Jonathan Hazan

Bitcoin is the world’s leading virtual (or crypto) currency and it could take me more than a couple of pages to explain...

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5 reasons to use data visualisation for business advantage

29 May 2017, Richard Yates

The biggest motivating factor for data visualisation tools is the fact that there is now too much information to digest any...

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Why boring old backup should be a top business priority

15 May 2017, Ian Guerit

Being ‘good with money’ cuts right across every demographic. It is the pecuniary equivalent of being a cat person or a dog...

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Speaking up for customers, not just listening to them

01 May 2017, Karen Maddock

Every business needs a certain group of people to focus on looking after customers. Yes, it’s everyone’s job to be...

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Topics: Life at Helastel

Software and data: keys to the progressive NGO

17 April 2017, Iouri Prokhorov

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

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