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Software and data: keys to the progressive NGO

17 April 2017, Iouri Prokhorov

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

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Is your ERP system ready for 3D printing?

03 April 2017, Cosmin Bosneaga

3D printed gummy sweets are now a thing. It was inevitable really. Everyone likes sweets, they don’t take long to make, and...

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The best of the best 2017 IT business predictions

20 March 2017, Jonathan Hazan

The internet is awash with big tech predictions at the moment, with industry-watchers competing to cook-up their future vision...

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How to preserve the right culture in a growing software development company

06 March 2017, Richard Yates

I’m Chief Operating Officer at Helastel, which makes me responsible for the delivery of all our software development work....

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Why smart buildings are an opportunity for every business

20 February 2017, Christina Lynch

‘Smart buildings’ describes a completely new way for businesses to think about the property they own or rent. It’s more than...

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Six Helastel secrets to share

06 February 2017, Christina Lynch

Reading over our recent blogs, it struck me that we haven’t had one about us for a while. That’s partly intentional. Our blog...

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NGO software development challenges and how to solve them

23 January 2017, Christina Lynch

Software development for NGOs (non governmental organisations), non-profits and charities is a broad topic for a single blog...

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Tales from the discovery workshop

16 December 2016, Iouri Prokhorov

When you know you need a software project to kick-start a transformation in your business, the next step is to sit down with...

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Topics: Agile, Scoping, Project Management

Five things that make CyberEssentials essential

09 December 2016, Ian Guerit

CyberEssentials is one of the most important information security standards there is. It was launched by the UK government two...

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Topics: Security, Accreditation

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